Connecting Indian Sub - Continent to Koper

India is one of the fastest growing economies. Along with its surrounding countries, namely Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are becoming an increasingly important export – import country. According to some predictions, India could reach China in the next years on the top of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Good transit connections play a very important role in development of these countries. The Port of Colombo in Sri Lanka is one of the largest and most important ports in the region as there is an important flow of goods from nearby ports in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Its flow of goods is improved by the development of road transportation connecting the major cities with the ports. From Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai in India, Kolkata and Chittagong in Bangladesh, and from Karachi in Pakistan, goods are daily dispatched towards the Port of Colombo and from there to the Port of Koper, Slovenia.

Those connections help to reduce transit time, and consequently also reduce transit costs.